Cross-disciplinary area IDHN

Set up in 1991 within the framework of the new universities, CY Cergy Paris Université is a university in the west of Paris. It is located primarily in three towns in the Val-d’Oise: Cergy, Pontoise and Neuville-sur-Oise, and has 5 thematic hubs, 23 laboratories and 2 federative structures, including the Institute of Digital Humanities (IDHN).
The IDHN is a federative structure in Digital Humanities (HN) which was set up in 2017 in association with the Science of Text and New Knowledge (STCN) Domain of Major Interest (DIM) supported by Paris Sorbonne Université and of which CY Cergy Paris Université is a founding member and partner. Four laboratories immediately integrated their digital humanities projects and actions in the IDHN: the three reception teams “Lexis, Texts, Discourse, Dictionaries”" (LT2D), "Mobilities, Networks, Territories, Environment" (MRTE) and Agora representing a potential one hundred researchers in Literature and Human and Social Sciences (SHS) and “Systems and Information Processing Teams” (ETIS), a Joint Research Unit working in the IT field, comprising 60 permanent staff including 8 engineers and 40 doctoral students.

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