General overview

AGORA is a multidisciplinary research centre for the human and social sciences. Our work analyses the changes in contemporary societies, particularly in Europe, Asia and the Americas, by focusing on them from historical, political, sociological and linguistic perspectives.

The researchers of the team work on politics, which they approach by studying political ideas, the practice of politics, economic, power and citizenship issues, international relations, social movements, identity and gender, engagement and the emergence of digital humanities.

AGORA aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on major societal issues, particularly: Changes in the European and international political environment; How political ideas and practices shape the political sphere and society; the influence of institutions and organisations on decision-making; and how digital technologies (artificial intelligence and social networks in particular) initiate or are linked to such changes.

Laboratory researchers have the common goal of developing ways to understand the relationships between new ideas and political, economic and social changes in their diversity on a global scale. The idea is for them to observe contemporary societies and to draw useful conclusions from them for the global challenges to be faced, to improve the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and to support the changes underway.